2019, a fresh start

Greetings to you all Fabulous People out there!

Our family and the whole team here on Fabulous Island wish you a fabulous happy new year.

Sometimes, difficulties arise during stressful or sad periods but the beginning of the year is the perfect time to say: “Let’s make some changes.”

I’ll quit smoking, I’ll go to the gym… Yeah, right (been there, done that).

What if you start listening to yourself?

We all have this ability to assess the situation about our expectations, our yearning, focusing on the present moment while we are developing a new way of living. We should stop take account of those negative energies that surround us.

Here is my first advice; we should limit our exposure to media and other anxiety-provoking sources that brainwash and contaminate our minds a little more every day, feeding on our fears.

Let’s favor positive reading, watching movies, sports, going out with friends; anything that makes you feel good.

Take the time to write down what you fancy or on the contrary what you hate. Writing is also a very good way to free yourself of your anxieties and emphasize your dreams.

Nothing is out of reach; the human mind is such a powerful force.

Use it

The whole team on Fabulous Island will be here for you during this new year 2019, which I’m sure will be beautiful.

Be happy


Julie, Alban, Gabin, Charlie, Agnès, Erick …