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Coup de gueule and our masks

I’m beside myself, how can this amateur government justify all their stupid actions and decisions.
At the end “down the masks” you might say.

I will not dwell on the lack of tests, the lightness of diagnosis of this pandemic, the absence of masks, and their effectiveness.
But I would like to come back to you on the dual treatment of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin carried out by the greatest French microbiologist and infectiologist Professor Raoult.

How could it be considered that this treatment was not a priority given its effectiveness in the IHU Mediterranean Infection.
And then in time of war as our president Macron puts it so well, should we not treat and cure the sick with perhaps some errors rather than waiting for this pandemic to force our rulers to deprive us of freedom and reduce in crumbs of the economies already in great difficulty.

I am angry with these doctors without great talents, all paid by pharmaceutical companies who do not think to treat, but to make money on the back of the poor people and against these pseudo journalists with the boot of the powerful who give them the speech.
So you are going to tell me, but how can he give lessons by living on a beach 11,000 km away?
I am French, what is happening in France is very important to me.
My family, friends, clients are in France.
I also suffer this pandemic in a country, Mauritius, which does not have the power of France but which it immediately confined by even closing the supermarkets for 10 days, forced people to wear masks for all trips and to treat new cases with hydrochloroquine treatment.
Today, out of a population of one million two hundred thousand inhabitants, there are no more active cases.

And last point, we decided to create a week of masks (7 masks for sale) on our site with positive printed logos whose full benefits will be donated to the IHU of Professor Raoult and his team let’s not forget not, to really fight against this shit probably created by us.

At Fabulous Island we prefer action to debate. It will be time after this fight to judge the responsibilities of each and to change the behavior of our elites to allow a new order to arise.


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Photo credit La plume de Chloé