Fabulous News

It’s time to change, our opinion on the situation.

Our planet’s colossal call for a renewal in mentalities and behavior is underway.
This coronavirus is only the trigger for this mandatory awakening. When man does anything, when multinationals no longer consider the world but only their profits, when human relationships only develop mainly via the internet, when empathy disappears, when nature sinks, it is time to change and fast.
The energy that directs us has decided to act and as our leaders are not professional enough, far-sighted, and attentive to this sinking world, nature takes back its rights because man is not invincible and force to destroy everything around him, he ends up creating his own destruction.

Despite all this incompetence, these general confinements to contain this virus are good.
They allow the planet to recover, people to talk again, families to rediscover themselves. They are involved in stopping hyper consumption.
This crisis allows above all to live in the present moment without thinking too much about the future, to realize the importance of our caregivers, our teachers, teachers, garbage collectors, police …
We all know there will be an after coronavirus.
Everyone has to think about the meaning of his life, his actions, his way of looking at the other.

Our family changed their life three years ago to come to Mauritius, our project is growing every day and today we can not think of going back because our balance is here. We decide our pace.
It took us three years to decide to stop living between two stories, the French and the Mauritian. Over the years, returns to France became more and more difficult. For me, my textile agent company was already behind me, coming back to France and working there when we got out of this model, this pressure, these obligations, these negative energies became impossible.
Today this confinement is obviously sometimes complex but it gives everyone time to think about this after.

If you feel like it may be time to answer these questions and please be frank with yourself:
1- Are you happy?
2- Who is most important to you?
3- Have you made your dreams come true?
4- What are your passions?
5- Do you have empathy towards others?
6- What does your planet represent?
7- Are you aware of the consequences of your decisions?
8- Do you know who you are?
9- Have you broken with the bad choices of your family and / or your past?
10- Are you free?

Now all these questions need to be asked.
A new order is coming, it’s time to change. ALL TOGETHER.