It’s Apero Time !

Hi everyone,

Let’s press “pause” for a moment.  I feel like my life is a summary of a perfect healthy living full of sport, yoga and meditation. Let’s face it, that’s awesome to feel healthy; I totally agree with that. Yet, to ease off a little after a hard day’s work (yep, work can be tough, even on Fabulous Island) nothing beats a happy hour drink aka the aperitif or the apéro in French slang.

Personally, I am a huge fan whether it is a glass of rosé, a pastis with ice or a champagne coupe glass.

Let’s get back to real life. Turn off your laptop, your phone, disconnect from social media and enjoy a real quality time with friends or strangers.

Talk to you really soon about our “Fabulous Aperos” and some tapas recipes for dummies J




[1]: Translator’s note : Drink o’clock  (french slang)