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    Yoga with Aurélie

    Today, let’s meet Aurélie, who is a yoga teacher, but also much more than that.
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    It’s Apero Time !

    Hi everyone, Let’s press “pause” for a moment.  I feel like my life is a summary of a perfect healthy living full of sport, yoga and meditation. Let’s face it, that’s awesome to feel healthy; I totally agree with that. Yet, to ease off a little after a hard day’s work (yep, work can be…
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    The Two of Us

    For as back as I can remember, I have always known that my life will be fulfilled the day we would be the two of us. Today, we are four, I feel very lucky and as I often say to my friends (I talk a lot to my besties J), the “two-of-us” part is equally…
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    The Vortex in Mauritius

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    Our dream office on the beach

    This picture of a laptop on a small table, facing the sea at nightfall, depicts what we had in mind, Julie and I, when we decided to throw ourselves into this new adventure called Fabulous Island. Living the island life, where the sun shines almost all year-round, getting closer to our children, enjoying life more…
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    Benitiers Island

    Do you want to discover Benitiers Island like a local in a sustainable way avoiding tourist traps? You need to call Francis, the nicest fisherman on the island! If you are friendly, you can even ask him to show you how to hoist up fish traps before taking you to the island where he may prepare…
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    Here’s Beach Tennis, our new favorite beach sport

    All you need is a slightly depressurized tennis ball, a pair of regular tennis rackets or paddles, a typical volleyball net or a standard beach volleyball court free to use and there you are, ready to try beach tennis! We have discovered this sport when we arrived in Mauritius and since then we are fond…