Here’s Beach Tennis, our new favorite beach sport

All you need is a slightly depressurized tennis ball, a pair of regular tennis rackets or paddles, a typical volleyball net or a standard beach volleyball court free to use and there you are, ready to try beach tennis! We have discovered this sport when we arrived in Mauritius and since then we are fond of it. No need to book a tennis court several weeks in advance: when we fancy a game, we grab our racquets and off to the beach to see if there is some beach volleyball court available…

How beach tennis began?

Since this is a little-known sport (not to say obscure) in some parts of the world, we have written this brief history of beach tennis (so far). This racquet sport has appeared in late 70s Italy where it has grown quickly before developing itself in Brazil, the United States and a score of countries such as Australia, Belgium, Spain and France’s overseas departments and territories.

Italy that still dominates this sport has organized in 1997 the first European Beach Tennis Championships then in 2001 the first Beach Tennis World Championships. The number of people playing beach tennis is on the rise with nearly 10 million people worldwide.


Since 2006, ITF (The International Tennis Federation) has established rules and has begun to promote the game all over the world. If you have the occasion to try beach tennis during your holidays, do not hesitate. Rules are quite easy and one’s quickly get caught up in small games with friends or family.

The rules are a mix of beach volleyball and tennis. Scoring is similar to tennis with scores of        0 – 15 – 30 – 40 and no-ad at deuce. Otherwise, It’s basically just tennis on a regulation beach volleyball court. The sport is usually played as 2 on 2 for advanced players, 3 on 3 for intermediate players, or 4 on 4 for beginners and casual play. However, you only get one hit per team, unlike with volleyball – so make it count!


A sport for everyone!

If you like beaches and sports, beach tennis is for you! This sport truly combines sport activity with sun, beach and sand.

In the beginning, you can practice without a net hitting the ball back and forth the court to get used to rallies, and then quickly you’ll enjoy yourself. Beach tennis is a great way to get your kids active, (you’ll just have to lower the net) as it’s fun for both athletes and non-athletes of all ages. You’ll enjoy it exactly the same whether you play for recreation with friends and family or as a competitive sport.


An all-round sport

After a first try, we advise you to go slowly with your subsequent activities. Beach tennis can be a little rough on your body. You might not notice it immediately, but because of the sand, your leg muscles will get extra work. Racquet swings will also help strengthening your back, arms and abs… For those who want to take advantage of their holidays with little workout, you should definitely give beach tennis a try! In addition, you may also meet other enthusiastic players during or after the game. It’s a fun way to get together socially.


We hope we got you interested in beach tennis, and for those of you who have ever tried it, do not hesitate to share your impressions and tell us where are your good spots to start beach tennis.

Be seeing you!

Julie & Alban