The Vortex in Mauritius



Hi guys,


Today, I would like to talk about this amazing place that Julie and I have found on the south coast of Mauritius.

This place is an energy vortex. There are thirteen other energy centers or vortexes on the planet but this one was the first one discovered by Cathy Muller in 2007.

This unexplored, tourist-free location in the heart of nature is a simply magical place. Surrounded by beefwoods, you will discover a peace haven, an oasis of tranquility of unparalleled beauty.


An association called TDA (les travailleurs de l’amour or The Love Workers) is in charge of that place. In case you are skeptical, the access is free of charge and you will be guided on the path after you have taken your shoes off and left your mobile phone behind.



So, what is the vortex exactly?


The vortex is a positive energy source coming from the ground. Some may say it is also a restorative energy. In any case, even if you don’t practice yoga or meditation, you will leave this place like a different person. All I can say is that guests are relaxed and serene when they leave as if their energy has been balanced.


As far as I am concerned, I do believe in energies and I was baffled as early as the beginning of the program. I felt a huge force with my hands and everywhere on the spot It was like entering in communion with myself.

I was just feeling fine and I even fell asleep inside one of the seven huts symbolizing our seven chakras where one can meditate or think about one’s life.

Honestly, I strongly advise you to go there if you have the chance.