The Two of Us

For as back as I can remember, I have always known that my life will be fulfilled the day we would be the two of us.

Today, we are four, I feel very lucky and as I often say to my friends (I talk a lot to my besties J), the “two-of-us” part is equally essential. This is why it can be difficult, every woman knows it, to be a wife, a mother and as far as I am concerned a company manager (Jbm Consulting and Fabulous Island).

Finding a right balance is a daily goal.

So yes, both of us want to safeguard our very own moments, those which allow us to feel in love and loved. Those moments making way to lightness, because we love to live, laugh, take the time to speak, listen to and love one another.

So definitely yes, I cherish these precious moments just the two of us!


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