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Meet Nadia Sammut, French starred chef !

Hello Nadia, we are gathered at your home, La Fenière, such a peaceful place…Can you tell us how you came up with loving good food and cooking?

For me it’s a family tradition. I was born in this “cuisine” tradition! My grandmother was probably the most influent person for me since I have lived with her all my life, she raised me and fed me when I was little. Of course, my mother inspired me as well… (Reine Sammut 2**chef) A vérifier si elle a 1 ou  2* je ne sais plus

It has been difficult for me to develop my taste for eating since I have had coeliac disease, and have been gluten intolerant for 37 years. Therefore, I could not necessarily eat what I felt like. I couldn’t be mindfree like the rest of the people at the table, but I still wanted this moment to be joyful!


Can you tell us more about food intolerance in a simple and easy way? Many people are not very knowledgeable on this topic.

Food intolerance and food allergy can happen to anyone. I have coeliac disease, it is an auto-immune disease which impacts the small intestine. I have a digestive problem; my enzymes are not performant enough to allow proper digestion. This disease affects 600 000 people in France, 1% of the population, it is major!

You also have many people who are “gluten sensitive”, they have trouble digesting and suffer from inflammation.

I would like to add that, “gluten-free” is not just a trend! No one should judge another person’s diet!


Your personal life experience triggered your desire to create your own “cuisine”?

I was born with coeliac disease, but at he age of ten, the doctors told my parents that I could go on a regular diet again, since they thought my disease went silent. As a result, twenty years later I became very ill, I was exhausted… I decided to come up with a new way of feeding myself. Since I couldn’t eat at other people’s table, I wanted everyone to be able to eat at mine!


Do you consider having one star on your “free cuisine” to be a major recognition?

It is more than a recognition, it’s proving the rest of the world that there are no stigmas. With kindness and will, we can show that the experiment is possible. My goal is not to propose a “cuisine” without something. On the opposite, I call it “free cuisine”, it is a brand. The idea is to propose an inclusive « cuisine ». My « cuisine » is good, fair and one of pleasure! It incorporates everyone at the same table.




Why did you want to give your input today, regarding our adventure « Fabulous Island » ?

Because it is a fabulous project! (laughs)…I am deeply moved by this project because Fabulous Island is very similar to my “free cuisine”. It is a kind world in which we embrace and welcome people, in which we want to live happily. I think it is very similar to what I am developing… I really would love to propose my fabulous ideas to your Fabulous Island (laughs). I believe we need to create worlds in which we fit in, since the world we live in does not fit us anymore…


In other words, you would like to be part of our adventure?

Of course! I think I have already been part of it since the beginning, spiritually speaking! (laughs)


In practical terms, how could you be part of our project?

Cooking and healthy nutrition are included in our daily routine. It would be wonderful to be a part of a broader reflection to help people let go on this Fabulous Island, wherever it may be! My vision of a conscious nutrition is definitely a part of our common philosophies.

Thank you so much Nadia 😊 Check her website here : L’auberge La Fenière !