The real life

Today, I wanted to tell you about our real life. Images from Instagram, Facebook usually show what is the most beautifull, fun of our lives, and Fabulous Island is not horrible island or crazy island.
Those that follow us are happy to dream through these pictures, videos and these beautifull feelings.

But don’t think that the life in “paradise”, under the sun, by the beach is a awake dream each day, that our family with it’s magnificient kids, our new born and our two dogs is a fairy tale.
Of course it’s more fulfilling living here, but it doesn’t change that couple life, familly management, personnal evolutions, financial management is something everyone needs to deal with, us too.

Our hypersensitive son Gabin resent his sister for grabing all his parent attention, he was so well being alone until his two years old.
It creates daily conflict (Why her and not me ?) «You yell less at Charlie, she does has many foolery…»
And our daughter Charlie also as problem with her bother reaction even if she show it less, she is also realy sensitive.
Our new child arrival, our little angel Marloe that was sleeping normally when 3 months old and now no longer sleeps weel probably because of all the travelling has trouble taking is own pace.

An hard financial environnement where we have to pay attention to every spending because the bsiness is hard and Gabulous Island is coming to an important part of it’s development .
Obviously the total stop from the coronavirus adds up with all the related uncertainties, all that creates family tension.
For us, the couple is the priority, the heart of a blossoming family, so it’s sometimes hard to feel connected.
We are like everyone, but our luck is to have the same vision of life, and of what we want.
We have the same dreams, so yes, from time to times, she piss me off and reciprocally, but each time we successfully communicate even though men and women are differents.
I’m glad I have enough friends as it is.

I think we will communicate more to you from now, give advices on expatriation and what makes up our whole existence and above all what is the real purpose of Fabulous Island.

With Julie, we don’t want to show you a fake life, it’s often the case on social media.
It is time after what we have lived to change our behavior and to deliver reality and sincerity, our real life.
I really think that is what everyone wants, you have to do it for yourself. Isn’t our own truth
ultimately the essential.