The spirit and values of Fabulous Island

As the song goes: “…keeps Georgia on my mind.” Well, to me, we all keep something “Fabulous” on our mind. Each one of us has his or her own little inner light that makes him or her so special, so fabulous.

Self-confidence, self-esteem, are top-priority elements in life. There is no personal evolution and no fundamentals for a happy and fulfilled life, without discovering who you are, your weaknesses, your flaws, but also, of course, your strengths and skills.

This is the particular feature that fascinates me and makes me want to meet people, “fabulous” people but also to discover “fabulous” places or “fabulous” items; whether they may be any human being or any object retaining that little inner light.

And you can rest assured, there is so much of that little “fabulous” side within you and around you. All you have to do is look carefully and study with attention, sometimes just close your eyes then all of a sudden you perceive in a glance, a sound, a feeling, that positive glow that brings you joy and kindness.


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What does it mean to be “fabulous”?

Being “fabulous” does not mean being perfect, superior, smarter, more commendable or being graduated from a more prestigious school. I am “fabulous” because I carry within myself this uncommon part, that every human being has inside to make a successful apple pie for instance, to develop a great ability to listen, or a literary gift, or the ability to pass on knowledge or to teach, or a remarkable dexterity, no matter what it is.

I am “fabulous” because I am unique and I am what I am, and I can and must trust myself. “I” is a quality, despite what we were taught at school or what they tell us a work.

Throughout our blog, we will highlight all these “fabulous” people or “fabulous” things that surround us and that bring this positive energy.

Getting to know oneself: the key to a “fabulous” happiness

With Julie, who is an image consultant and a self-esteem counselor, we will try via articles to help you develop that sound basis of self-confidence that so many of us so desperately need.

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Confidence is not a sense of professional or personal accomplishment. So many people hide themselves behind a beautiful house, a job, money, a family life, with a feeling of fulfillment, while the most important thing is the discovery of ONESELF.

I know so many people who only show a small glimpse of themselves. I, myself have often controlled my emotions, or played the part of a compulsive extrovert eager for recognition. My professional life has been marked by success and failure. I always wanted to be the first, the best. Nothing satisfied me. I wanted more.

But how much more did I want? Until a life that does not fit any more becomes shipwrecked. Who am I really? What are my expectations? What feeds me? Where do I fit in? What am I passionate about? What makes me happy without hurting others? Without nurturing negative feelings such as jealousy, selfishness or being judgmental. Instead, what helps me to develop my empathy?

It almost took me 45 years to try to find the solution. Sport and meditation have helped a lot to live in the moment, to enjoy the beautiful things that surround me: my wife, my children, my family, my friends, but also mother nature. I was getting lost in a race for success, and eventually my wife and I were on the brink of burnout. This pattern along with other transgenerational transmissions had to be broken. I will explain this in another future article emphasizing how the hereditary burden plays an essential part in our psychological construction.

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“Fabulous Island” as a lifestyle.

Today, we are trying to live differently. Our “Fabulous Island” universe has become a mindset for creating the conditions for a harmonious life as a couple and as a family. This reflection initiated before we left France has taken on its full span on our island full of this energy, which helps us in our everyday life. Nothing happens by chance.

From childhood, we are conditioned by our upbringing, how we perceive feelings, how we convey uncertainty and anxiety, all of those merged with the surrounding we live in. It is very difficult to take stock of your life, to take a break, to reflect on your path, your destiny in this present moment.

We often get carried away with a rhythm which is dictated to us by people, parents, teachers, who believe they know us. But who better than ourselves can feel all these emotions? Sometimes we lack guidance. Nowadays, we talk about life coaching (find out more in further articles).

Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to be helped earlier in order to open our eyes to who we are, and what we love?

Turning lives around does not mean changing everything. Sometimes, you just have to change your perspective or your pace. There is no point in moving halfway across the world to find out what you are lacking. Everyone must find their own path, their own journey. We are here to help, showing you how we try to find happiness in our daily lives. Every single day, we are looking for happiness, why don’t you try to find it with us?


Photo Credit: Arthur Loboda