Yoga with Aurélie

Today, let’s meet Aurélie, who is a yoga teacher, but also much more than that.

Hello Aurélie, we would like you to talk about your life and your desires and your oddities.


So Aurélie, who are you and how do you describe yourself in few words?

My name is Aurélie Fleuriau-Chateau, I am twenty seven years old. I am French and Mauritian and I am living in Tamarin. In a nutshell, I am a bouncy, laughing girl with unifying skills and I love to play with children.


What are your goals in life and your dreams?

I want to make sure the village of Tamarin will flourish and I’d also like to spread happiness around me. I dream of raising my family within the same privileged surrounding I had the chance to experienced.


What is striking a chord with you?

A lots of things actually; Nature, the sea, surfing and most of all, a beautiful relationship with people I love.


What can you tell us briefly about your professional life?

I am a yoga teacher but I also teach primary school at Paul and Virginie and I act as a mediator between the village of Tamarin and newcomers.


Does your life match your expectations?

Yes totally, except that I have decided to step outside of my comfort zone to go and live in Canada for at least six months. I want to go out there to find new techniques and make stimulating encounters in the field of education since this country is at the vanguard of many educational projects. The main goal is to come back to Mauritius with all these new concepts to adapt them to our education system.


So, according to you, what are the essential factors for a totally fulfilled life?

Without hesitation: nature and healthy relationships.


Why do you like the brand Fabulous Island?

First of all, the owners and founders (Julie and Alban) are really interesting because of their positive attitude, and their bright-sided family (with their kids Charlie and Gabin) is a beautiful example because they all practice sports, they spend a lot of time together and they always smile. Then, the brand image through its pictures is really inspiring. They give a new and fresh look emphasizing a relaxed atmosphere in tune with island living.


Thank you Aurélie and see you every Thursday at 5pm on Tamarin Beach for our weekly yoga lesson at sundown.  J


Julie & Alban