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    The Fabulous Sweater

      Where does the sweatshirt come from?   A mainstay of any modern wardrobe, the sweatshirt’s continuous popularity crosses all generations and social backgrounds.   To get to the origins of the sweatshirt, we’ll have to venture back to 1920s Alabama, when Benjamin Russell, an owner of a women’s and children’s underwear factory was presented…
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    Unisex collections or gender-neutral fashion: the new trend

    For a long time, women got ideas and inspiration from men’s closet. Coco Chanel was the first to introduce the concept of “unisex” dressing; conversely, Hedi Slimane or Raf Simons for instance, have revolutionized the discipline with their bold re-imaginings and feminization of the male wardrobe. More recently, Selfridges in London has opened in 2015…
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    Manufacturing in Fabulous Island

      At the moment, Fabulous Island manufactures most of its collections on the Island of Mauritius and in Madagascar, the neighboring island. In these manufacturing countries, since the seventies, free trade zones, where tax-exempts materials are imported, have attracted numerous investors allowing fast-expanding businesses. Mauritius and Madagascar have developed a genuine expertise with a highly…